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TeddyBay - Premium Email Template


What can you find in this package?

Structure arranged.


Editing Templates


Once you have chosen your color scheme and the best layout to begin your newsletter, remember not to edit the original files and to make a copy to work on it.




Use your Favourite text editor,if you are beginner and dont have any you can download some such as for window users Notepad++.Intermediate or Advanced users can use Adobe Dreamweaver.

To make HTML files easy to use,  we have made some comments (text that is ignored by the program) between the code in order to make it easy for editing. Look for the string <!-- in the source code.

Between <!-- name starts -- > and <!-- name ends -- > you'll find different content areas that you need to edit.See the example below for editing menu content.


Similarly Replace text for headings,paragraphs in different content areas.

Replacing images

Image replacement

You will find all images for respective template in images folder in that template.Suppose you want to  change the logo image:

Path replacement

It will be very frustating and time consuming to replace all paths,so simple method is use email services such as mailchimp or campaign monitor.U simply have to upload a zip file of images and html together,rest they will automatically replace relative paths with absolute,and store all your images on their server.

Using PSD Files

If you use Photoshop to edit your images, you will find full PSD and sliced elements for each layout.

Sliced elements:These include interface elements such as buttons,image placeholders for inserting images,banners, sale tags etc.They are named same as used in html files so easy to replace original.



Video - Using sliced elements - HD watch at full screen


Video - Using Full psd - HD watch at full screen


Using mailchimp templates

A. Preparing the templates before importing:

Open your favourite template folder .Select images folder and template u wish to import and zip up together and give zip a name without spaces.

 Note:Name the zip folder without any spaces otherwise mailchimp will give error The archive was empty or otherwise corrupt.


B. Importing the template:

Log in at MailChimp and follow the next steps:

While importing the template allow the template to completely upload,till processing stops,otherwise resulting in incomplete saving of template.

Dont worry about css inliner,css will be automatically inlined while sending the campaign.

C. Editing template Styles:

Use top menu in mailchimp editor to edit styles

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